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Hi smartsters,

I’m Julia Knittel, and over the past year I have been working on a new project called “smart cities,” which tests out some new things for smart in various cities around the world.

First of all, what is the smart cities project? The Head of smart global, Dr. Annette Winkler, was inspired when she noticed that certain cities around the world (think of Paris and Rome, for example) had overwhelmingly adopted smart into their culture, to the extent that she often saw as many as 5-10 smarts parked on every street. Thinking there must be lessons to be learned from these cities that could be applied to other urban centers around the world, Dr. Winkler developed the smart cities project with the aim to nurture the smart culture and bring more smarts to the street via owner benefits and other ideas.

So we started with 10 pilot cities around the world. Cities were chosen based on quantitative and qualitative info, e.g. dense urban center where parking has traditionally been an issue, where mobility and sustainability is in the focus and where investment have been made into infrastructure for electric vehicles. We also looked for places that share the same smart progressive mindset of ecology, economy, and practicality.

In the United States, the pioneer cities selected to start this pilot in 2013, were Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA. I’ve been working with the local U.S. smart centers in these cities to develop great programs for owners and prospects alike, spread the word of smart and get more people exposed to smart. It’s been a great team effort so far!

Other smart cities around the world include:

Nanjing, China
Kunming, China
Barcelona, Spain
Vienna, Austria
Cologne, Germany
Munich, Germany
Mexico City, Mexico
Toronto, Canada

For some great examples of things we've done over the last year and to learn more about smart cities, read my blog post here: The Scoop: smart cities project - smart USA insider

Let me know what you think and looking forward to talking again soon,

Julia Knittel
Managing Director, smart cities USA

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This is an...interesting plan. :)

I wonder why they keep leaving Chicago, Indy, Milwaukee, and Detroit out of these things? NYC gets the ED, why can't we?
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