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The supervisor at the smart company 900 toll free phone line, said these are not indicators of what Smart Co thinks is the best color combo of the Smart. However, I asked him other questions, and he said one thing first, then checked, and then said something else, on other questions. So, like in court, one false statement, and all or other statements may be false or incorrect, ... so, who knows?

But, one has to wonder.

These are the combos they did go with, in an impressive looking display of triple spinning views of two color combo's, both having red interior on a close look at the little seat back tops.

Triple spinning 2008 Smarts (click on the arrows to spin um)

The 2008 White/silver/red smart coupe at


The 2008 Red/silver/red smart convertible at

And, at the North American Detroit Intro, a high risk intro that can make or break the introduction success, they went with the white/silver exterior, and black/gray passion interior, on a coupe. So, they must like,and think others will like also, the white/silver exterior, a lot. I wish I could have seen a white/silver in person at the local smart event, but none were shown that day.

If one went with the red interior convertible, one could buy a second set of the exterior color to have both of these 'possibly showcased intended' as to the smart co thinking of the best smart color combos look.

Problem is, in person and photos, the black/gray cloth passion interior is very nice too, equally as nice as the red cloth interior, making the final cloth interior color choice a difficult one, since one can't change the interior after purchase, like one 'can' change/switch/alternate back and forth the exterior color panels.

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