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Hello everyone especially those who are mechanically knowledgeable on smarts.

i recently purchased (jan 2021) a used smart fortwo 2013 with 37000 miles. Last month my “littl zippe“ went in its last drive and within 18 miles died. First the battery light came on yellow. i quickly looked up what that meant and saw it was saying my battery was not get enough power. (my husband had recently (a week or so) had to jump the battery because zippe had been dead in the drive way. we assumed it was because our recently licensed son had drive it and left the interior light on over night. Anyway, I continued along my trip thinking ok Ilol call my hubby once i get to work and we can have it checked out in the next day or so. well that happen alright! within 3 miles of my final destination (less than 10 min) after the yellow battery light the engine light came on red!! I was very fustrated but again i was just around the corner from my work. As I came to the stop light at the end of the highway off ramp, zippe died! And yes this was in rush hour traffic! to add to my frustration and struggles.
I tried for a bit to get it restarted. It would crank but not turn over and eventually I had white smoke coming out the back. I finally had to have it towed to a mercedes dealership to be looked at.
Now I might be car mechanic dumb but i’m not as far as I did purchase an after market bumper to bumper warranty to protect myself from expensive issues, at least i thought so. Long story short - warranty company is refusing the repair because it doesnt cover alternator belts, which the mercedes dealer is saying broke and cause the burn out of my engine.
Here are my questions for you more mechanically experienced smarties out there -

1) my understanding is manufacturer states belts should be replaced at 60k miles. but my car has only 46k? is this correct? as far as the recommendation?

2) how can a warranty company legally refuse to fix this issue if there is no warnings visible to a driver that a belt broke?

3) considering for over 1/2 of the drive, the only warning i had was the yellow (not red) battery light, and per the manual it basically says to check the battery connection as soon as possible, and considering i’m a woman without more advanced mechanical knowledge why the heck would i think it was a broken belt? compound that reasoning with knowing even the manufacturer doesn’t think you need to check the belts until 60k miles?!?

I need to know as much as possible to help the warranty company see reason and fix my car. any honest and no sarcastic information is really appreciated

zippe’s grieving mom :(
As not only a mechanic and a smart owner I would check a few things first including the oil . See if it’s milky as if the head gasket blew and got water into the block. That could have been steam coming out and not smoke from the coolant burning off. It is possible to drive the smarts without a water pump but if it gets up to 245°F your engine is toast. You mentioned “rush hour traffic” which doesn’t sound good. The battery and check light would have came on if the belt broke but also the temp gauge. If it was a catastrophic engine failure the check engine light would flash meaning to shut it down right away. I would start with the oil, check that. If all looks good , then get a new belt put on and see what happens. I
Good luck and keep us posted
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