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Smart ED in Idaho

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I have been driving a 2015 SMART ED since mid-June 2019. So far, I have absolutely loved it.
Normally a very fastidious car shopper, I bought this car after driving it around the block for 10 minutes and thinking about it for 60.
So first of all, the range is perfect for me. I can easily drive to and from work four or five times between charges. Its size makes my garage seem twice a large as previously (I had a 2006 Prius). Plus, it does not feel like a small car when I'm driving. I am sitting higher in my Smart car than I am when driving my Prius or my wife's Sonata. I love this car.
Here are my concerns so far:
  • The closest dealership to work on Smart Cars is 370 miles away (about 300 miles beyond cars range with probably only two charging stations between here and there)
  • A Prius Battery replacement is in the $3k range. I'm seeing triple that for a Smart ED
  • My Smart still doesn't have 25K and it's already out of warranty - Why such a miniscule warranty?
In spite of my worries, I know that there are many Smart ED drivers whose cars are approaching or have surprassed 175k and even 200k without much trouble. I don't need to worry ever again about oil changes.
Any recommended servicing that I could do myself?
Looking forward to participating in this forum!


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