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For years “Special Edition Cars” have been available for our driving pleasures. Special edition products are used to motivate us to buy a variety of goods. In 1999 smart GmbH created the first MCC Smart Limited edition Smart car. Now for 2008 they have created the Smart “Edition Limited One”The newest “Edition Limited One” Smart's are available for Canadian Smart fans. They come in a coupé or cabriolet model, this “Edition Limited One” is the latest in a long line of special edition Smarts created by the manufacture smart GmbH, and prices start at $20,900 for the coupe and $23,900 for the cabriolet model. No word if this or any special edition Smart will be for sale in the States

The company that makes the Smart car, smart, GmbH while one of the youngest car makers, has had a heavy foot, when it comes to making special edition cars, along with a few high-end, high-performance aftermarket tuning (Brabus/Lorinser) companies which specialize in making great vehicles even greater.

The latest Smart limited edition, is now available for Canadians who pursue something special and at the same time value the Smart's brilliance and planet friendly features.

The newest “Smart Edition Limited One” unites an exclusive color configuration with a fusion of high-quality materials both inside and out.
This Smart limited edition's unique paint job, was fashioned exclusively for the Edition Limited One and adds innovative highlights to the vehicle's outer shell. Depending on lighting conditions, the special “light blue metallic” finish varies between shades of silver and beige.

The Smart edition limited one's silver tridion safety cell sets off the cars panels to and the 9-spoke alloy wheels makes this car special.

Air conditioning with automatic temperature control is standard, as well as a radio 10 with 6-disc CD changer, 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range speakers, subwoofer and electronic power steering.

Canada's "Smart Edition Limited One" comes with a cognac brown leather interior with a contrasting seam.

The interior has clear lines and fine details. It has a 3-spoke steering wheel wrapped in leather, an integrated gearshift and the leather gear knob. The velour floor mats have leather trim

According to smart Canada “The edition limited one is as exclusive as its moniker implies with rare pleasures with a limited production run making virtually every car a one-off collector's item.

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