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Smart Electric Drive gets 'EQ' rebrand

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As Smart's lineup goes completely electric in the United States, the brand positions itself within Mercedes' EQ family of EVs.

Or, as Kamaal suggested it is now just another M-B model.

3/5/2018 - Road/Show by . . .

The unfortunately named Smart ED models (come on, you know why) will now be called Smart EQ ForTwo.
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The smart brand is officially dead. The smart car is not.

Looks like MB is rebranding the car and offering a larger battery.
It may have been a different article I read on the same subject. They're going to start offering a 22kwh battery which is approx 25% larger than the current battery. That should conceivably raise the range to about 75 miles.
Oops, I guess I misread it. Faster charger, same battery.
I’d just move to Europe. Buy a more practical 453 Brabus Excusive Taylor made ICE model. Maybe have some change left of for a ICE forfour.

What good is to offer another EV smart car model here. Without any dealership outlet.
I'm guessing the point is that rebranding and bundling it with the all electric eqC luxury SUV that's about to be released will spark interest for new dealers to come on board. Especially since MB has announced more future EQ models to come.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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