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The Verts Kebap restaurant in Austin is taking to the streets with what it calls the world’s smallest food trailer.

The restaurant, home of the German-inspired Doner Kebap, or Turkish meat sandwich, is located at 2530 Guadalupe St. near the University of Texas campus.

Co-founders Domenik Stein and Michael Heyne, two German students who came to study at UT, said they have a passion for street food and engineering, and they wanted to combine the two to compete in the Austin food truck market.

After working with German engineers, Stein and Heyne were able to fit refrigeration units, food warmers, sinks and a custom tent into a 2011 Smart Car model.

Verts Kebap will sell sandwiches for 90 minutes every day at different locations, then clean and re-stock the car at the restaurant before heading off to another location.

Food will be sold in a parking lot at 37th Street and Lamar Boulevard from noon to 1:30 p.m. daily, as well as a second location in the afternoon on the corner of Riverside Drive and Congress Avenue.

The 90-minute-selling-cycle was chosen to work around the two hours it takes to cook rotisserie meat.

It took about six months of working with the city of Austin to get the necessary permits, Heyne said.

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