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Yea, i've never been a fan of the ForFour, either. Even the new one now.... the design elements of the ForTwo don't translate to a 4-door very well to me.
That's actually because for each iteration of the forfour, smart designed them to be unique from the fortwo. The original forfour was designed around smart's "lounge concept" that the forfour was basically supposed to be a sunny lounge to "chill out" in. It was also the first smart to get a 3-pedal manual because of the Colt underpinnings.

The new forfour is much closer to its fortwo sibling than the OG forfour, but are actually more different than you think.

The fortwo has a more unique chassis as compared to its forfour sibling, which is literally a re-skinned Twingo. The forfour also has metal panels and to an extent, borrows some of the lounge concept from the original forfour. It has the roomy open air feel that the OG forfour capitalized on.

But I'm not sure if the new forfour retains the fold flat front seats (to turn into ottomans/tables for the rear passengers) the original had.

So honestly, if you look at either generation of the forfour as a "stretched fortwo" instead of a separate car for a different demographic, you probably won't like it. :(
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