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Smart fortwo 451 1.0 61hp year 2015, my fuel pump broke.
As everyone who had this model my fuel pump broke on the outlet pipe. It was the original pump 451 470 02 94.

Searching the internet I found that interchangeable fuel pumps from aftermarkets are :

Spectra premium SP5129M
fispa 72370
Wilmink Group WG1013178
Wilmink Group WG1012996
Wilmink Group WG1032559
Wilmink Group WG1778746
era 775453
Hoffer 7507269
Hoffer 7507029
Meat&Doria 77269
Meat&Doria 77029
Messmer 775453
Quinton Hazell QFP960
Sidat 72673
Sidat 72670
VDO A2C53179818Z
Vemo V30-09-0041 germany
We Parts 320900554
We Parts 320900555
Delphi FG1883

Now the question is which of these models are upgraded version, with stronger plastic outlet pipe and return pipe which is on the original the most common point of failure.

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Fuel gage on my 2008.............

Before I traded for my 2013, I had a 2008 passion with fuel gage problem. Was fixed under warranty. Stealership took 2
days,had to drop belly pan,and fuel tank. Gage sending unit and fuel pump are both inside fuel tank. The amount charged
to warranty was $1,100.....................
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