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smart fortwo 451 Ignition Coils - New option!

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Hello Everyone!

We have been replacing the factory ignition coils in smart cars for many years now. Each time complaining and hearing owners complain on the cost of the factory coils.

Some of you may not know that over the years we have expanded to several other brands in addition to the smart. With that expansion we moved in to producing some parts as well either ourselves or with well established partners that we have got to know over the years of being in business (10 years in 2018!).

Over the last several years we have been offering a MAXFire line of Ignition Coils for cars like, FIAT, Jeep, Dodge and Alfa. The coils have received fantastic feedback over the years and continue to do great with the enthusiast community. Some time ago we decided there was now enough of a demand from our fellow smart owners that we could invest in making a set for the smart.

As of today we are happy to announce that our new MAXFire Ignition Coils are now in stock and available!

Very good quality and even a better value!

Here is the direct product link:

smart fortwo High Performance Ignition Coil Pack Set - MAXFire - 451 Model Online Store - smart car Parts and Accessories
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Fits 451 Electric???
Gotta get that electricity pumping, man! :D 0:)
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