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Thule Bike rack - $80. Made especially for Smart Fortwo 451 only.

Interested parties can text me at 8123604005.

This is a Thule roof bike rack that a small company modified for use with a Smart Car 451. It's a high quality product! I paid $400 (was it $450?) when I bought it new quite a few years ago (2012?).

I loved this rack! It does not fit the newer Smart ForTwo 453 (or the 450.) This product is no longer produced or sold, except as a used rack.

It's in Very Good condition! I can offer to send closeups of any portion of the rack if anyone is concerned about its condition in any way. All parts and instructions included. I intended to sell it on this website a long time ago, but never got around to it.

Here's the rub, and why I'm selling it so cheap. Given the current pandemic, I don't want to deal with getting it packaged and mailed, so I'm looking for a buyer who will pick it up in person. Cash only. I live in south central Indiana, zip 47401.

I've attached a picture of the unassembled rack. I also include a video link below showing fast and easy assembly.


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