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By: Adrian Padeanu, Editor
Most affordable model starts from €17,558 once you factor in the applicable government incentive.

Smart’s trio of electric vehicles is now up for grabs in Germany where the local government has a very nice environmental incentive scheme dropping the starting price by more than €4,000. Orders are already being taken for the ForTwo Coupe and the ForFour Electric Drive, with the zero-emissions ForTwo Cabrio to follow in May.

The cheapest Smart EV money can buy is the ForTwo Coupe available from €21,940 or just €17,558.84 once you take into account the applicable green bonus. The ForFour starts off at €22,600, but once you include the incentive, the price decreases to a more attractive €18,220 tag. The most expensive of the three is going to be the ForTwo Cabrio Electric Drive, which will kick off from €25,200 or just under €21,000 with the eco bonus.

Should you be willing to spend even more, Smart will be more than happy to sell you a ForTwo Electric Drive Greenflash for a pricey €27,839. Factor in the available incentive and the asking price will drop to €23,459. In return for the extra money, the car will come with an assortment of electric green interior and exterior design accents.

Smart ForTwo, ForFour Electric Drive go on sale in Germany
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