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Can someone please help.

My Girlfriend has a Smart ForTwo, I don’t know which model, I think it’s the “second” generation.
Think it’s a 2004 model. Which she bought from a dealer recently , “As is” so I cant take it back.

One day on her way to work, it suddenly lost power.
So I took the rear end apart removed most of the turbo pipes and put everything back together again , I also checked if the turbo is spinning up,and I made sure I did it correctly, since then
Its now smoking, only when hot (White clouds of smoke) and also the heat gauge runs way higher than usual.
I replaced the water that ran out after fiddling with the turbo, But I used clean water and no anti-freeze.
Could this be the reason why it suddenly runs hot ? ,because right after the turbo failed, before I started to fiddle
It wasn’t running hot and neither did it smoke ?

Anyway back to the root issue, obviously something went wrong with the turbo, but what can be wrong ?
This weekend I removed the whole thing, Manifold & Turbo , Took it into a place and they reckon the casing is cracked and cannot be serviced, also the Seals are blown.
So I need to place and order for a new one.

I took it back home and cleaned it with WD40 and a toothbrush, its now sparkling clean and I don’t see any cracks what’s so ever.
I also stuck my finger in all of the ports of the turbo, to see if I can find some oil, but also there are no oil , and its clean, also the when looking into the manifold
Where you can see the EGR valve , besides some carbon I don’t see any sign of oil and its bone dry.

I noted the mechanical arm that open and closes the EGR Valve is a bit stiff.

So whats going to happen if I adjust the mechanical arm to shut the EGR valve permanently, that way the exhaust gas will always spin up the turbo.
(I reckon the cur is now running ritch, because of missing air, so I’m hoping the EGR val is not closing which causes the turbo not to spin fast enough.

Any recommendations ,mentioning common issues with these cars are welcome ?

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What Smart Bob said.

Not sure where "Location: SAF" is but As is, 2004 model, white smoke - not a good start.

Note: Your 2004 would be a Euro model 450 that preceded most of the 2008 and later 451 (non-turbo) experience on this forum.

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Blown head gasket! sounds like a mission to fix.

Thats not really what i wanted to hear :)

Probably the best solution is to put it into a rubbish bin, im sure it will fit.

By the way, Location SAF Is South Africa, The SMART cars over here are not "so" popular.

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Known fixes and bulletins
Affected vehicles
Smart City Coupe: VIN WME4503321 J090204-J117324.
Smart Roadster/Coupe: VIN WME4523341 L021205-L029699.
Lack of power.
Control rod lock nut for turbocharger (TC) wastegate regulating valve incorrectly installed or loose, causing lack of boost.
Check fastening of lock nut.
If control rod loose, reset to manufacturer's specifications.
NOTE: After resetting control rod, lock nut must be coated with temperature resistant sealing paint.
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