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Smart full service manual

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Just found an interesting item on ebay....A smart for two 451 series full service and repair manual, 08 to 2011. Has anybody looked at it yet? And if so, is it in paper or a CD? They have it priced at 19.95 which I would consider a real baargain if it is truly a "service and repair manual" Google gives it a 90% satisfaction rating, but I would have to see where they got the information for the rating...could be just a copy of the smart information manual that comes witrh the car... who knows! If it's the real thing, I'll. be ordering one tomorrow .
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Most of the "repair manual" that I have seen consist of pirated information stolen from Evilution without his permission. Mercedes doesn't release any information in the form of a repair manual to Chiltons, Hays, Motor, etc so they don't usually include them in their general manuals or make a specific manual from what I have found. I would not support a pirated manual that steals information gathered by another person without their permission. If it is a true repair manual, I would love to have a copy.

I support the Evilution website and the creator as he should be compensated for his work.
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shop hermit, better get that keyboard looked at... seems to be generating typos... jimvw57 not jimvw56 (sorry, had to give you some grief)
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