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I was very excited to hear, that smart we go all electric in North America in 2018, I love my 2009 smart, and I think it's a perfect car for people who live in the city, but personally I've always had problems with the transmission, it doesn't bother my wife, but I drive a bit more aggressively, and find it very frustrating.

We had the opportunity to recently drive a used 2014 E=Drive, that was for sale at a local dealership, we almost took it home but the bank had a different opinion! That had nothing to do with the car.

I know also get to your point, well the minimum research I've done on smart ED in the state where I live, is that the only way you can get one is to lease one, or by a lease return!!

The reason, was given to me by a former Mercedes-Benz salesman who told me that there are no incentives for the dealership to sell the cars in my state, if they lease them, they get some if not all of the state and federal incentives, this is why you can only, buy a lease return, and as many of you know buying a lease return looks good on the surface, the prices are certainly good for the car, "BUTT" the purchase price does not include the battery lease, which will cost you $88 a month, running 10 years from the original purchase date, which in the case of the one I drove, would be an additional $6800, on top of the $8000 for the car itself, you can of course the option, pay off the lease early for 5k but you will have no warranty on the battery from that point forward! A gamble most are not willing to take.

Please do not get me wrong, I love this car, more than I but loved any other car I've owned, but I pretty much think they're extinct here, once they sell through their current ICE units, I think the brand will die off here, except of course, for special order lease vehicles! And lease return sales.

Being forever hopeful I'm still going to install, a charging station in my garage hoping that my next smart, will be in electric!

But it doesn't look all that good.
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