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Now that 'Christine' the Smart from Hell is gone I still have a bunch of parts laying around that need to be sold, scrapped, or given away.

1 complete oil Change 4 qts of 0w40 Mobil 1 and a Mobil 1 filter

1 New H7 bulb

'Dead' motor Bearings shot. Dis-assembling block

3 Coil packs (off 18K replacement motor I put in car)

Wiring harness and intake (missing oil pressure sensor connector)

1 Fuel Rail w injectors (off 18K motor)

1 Oil pan

1 flywheel (needs resurfacing)

Checking head w/machine shop for cracks/straight and if its OK then it will be sold

1 set of Smart Madness Seat covers, Black with Red Piping and Lumbar air bags)
Contact me via PM if any of these things appeal to you before they go up on Ebay
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