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I thought I was over the smart convertible,
and the red interior.

Then, I see this crisp photo of the
silver/silver/red front side view, and
then the especially great sharp focused
photo shot of the 'rear side view'
silver silver convertible with the wild
red dash peering out from the side.

the latter newly promoted to my current
desktop wallpaper.

The rear side photo makes it look great even
with the top up, maybe as good as the
impressive display i saw in person with the
silver silver red with top down last july.

the silver silver red convertible smart
is stirring my soul again, with its classy
sterling silver looks good outside, and wild
red spirit inside.

and with the 'gals' I talked to at the local
July smart event, saying they - love
the smart red interior - , and urged
- yes, yes, yes, get the red interior! - and

even guys who have seen this red interior
in person at other smart events saying,
'yeah, the red interior looks good', and

with silver the most popular exterior
general car color according to Dupont
for the last five or so years, as Dupont says
silver tends not show dirt so bad, and
silver seems to best show off vehicle
architecture, and then,

with gals seeming to like the - lots of fun -
of a convertible, (maybe because they like
their beauty 'seen', especially in a

this fresh all new strong cute factor smart
as a silver silver red convertible may be
a babe magnet!

i drove a similar silver silver red smart,
with the top down on a july sunny day,
at the local smart event show. Of (only) 6
color/model combo smarts shown that day,

i came away thinking this silver silver red
smart convertible with the top down was
my pick of the show.

this crisp rear side 'top up' smart photo
seems to rekindle that 'pick of the show'
view. Previously, i had switched choices
to white silver gray pure coupe.

the model/color combo tough decision,
with so many great choices,
isn't locked final yet, since my final confirmation
order reservation email invitation hasn't

For example, although the red was a great looking
interior, when i looked at the blackgray cloth
interior at the event, it was equally great looking.

so, a few tough decisions to go.

here's the link, below, to read the 'smart Hoot to
Drive' article, and also to go to the smart photo

when you get the page open, its so big, use your
'edit' 'find' feature and search for 'smart' to drop
you down there.

then click on "continue reading" in the smart article,
then click on 'photo gallery'.

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