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The next one you will find will be a picture of the crash test where they crash a Fortwo into a wall at 70 mph. Then there will be a caption to the effect of Smart car hits a squirrel. And the squirrel just scampered off. There are dozens of them. The Smart car in the pickup bed of a large Dodge Ram truck parked at McDonalds with the subtitle You get a prize with every happy meal. People had a heyday making fun of Fortwos. Had they only realized what a great little car it is and safer than some bigger cars on the road. 11 years after it was released most of the hype of making fun has worn off. I fell in love with my little Fortwo and I actually feel proud when I drive him down the road. Pride of ownership means everything. It's not for everybody but it sure works for me. DCO
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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