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I had put this in the general "Northeast" area but I don't know if it's getting noticed.

There's a road rally planned for Saturday 4/4 on Cape Cod, starting at Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable at 10:00am. My wife and I are planning on leaving RI around 8:45am (it's about 73 miles away). Are any other RI-area Smarties planning on attending? (Red, Doenut, anyone?) If so, did you want to meet up and conga-line? Otherwise, we'll just look for other Smarts on Route 195 East.

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OOOH looks like fun!

We have another huge Smart Car Club
Smart Car Club New England in existence since early 2008

hope you all will join that one as well

the website is down until Tuesday, April 20
but look again then:

until then - drop a line to:

[email protected]
We also have road rallies, diners n' drives, meetups, etc.
Maybe we could all join forces for an even bigger event
I'm game for all
We're all such a fun crowd, don't you think?
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