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Smart Is SAFE

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As a 24 year old male in north Georgia mountains- I take a lot of flake for driving Smarts - your gay, not safe, wtf- ETC

Chevy Avalanche ran red light, I had green turn arrow, I.... drive fast dash cam says 43mph when turning... Other guy 35-40mph BAM, car spun, bags deployed. I walk away bruse from seat belt- thigh and shoulder, pissed I lost my car, but IN YOUR FACE AMERICA, SMART WINS. People were stopping (in commerical area) to take pictures, amazed people were I was okay. The others went to er. bleeding and broken leg/femer


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Huzzah!!!! Another instance where smart = 1 and other car = 0!

It's amazing how safe these cars are. Hopefully you can get a new smartie that's just as unique as your last. :)

Looks like a hypothetical passenger in your smart might have been hurt in the foot/leg. Really glad it was that side that got hit, and that you are okay, (both you and the other driver, actually)...
After looking at various crashes over the years, you can see the cabrios do tend to twist, bend, and crumple more in crashes than the coupes do. That said, such deficiency is the nature of the convertible car in general. It should be expected that the convertible variant of any car is slightly less safe than the hardtop. That said, the cabrios are still a tough bunch! I mean darn, this one took on an Avalanche of a pickup truck! :D How many small convertibles can do that and not be a mangled mess?
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