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Smart key question

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So I just bought a sweet new to me 2010 yellow 251(!!!!!!!iiiiii)
I have only one key with it so my question is, do I need the electronics in the key for it to run? Meaning if I have a key cut to work but it doesn't have the chip in it will the car run?
Also, can I transfer the electronics from a key from my old 251 to this one somehow?

Lastly, if no to transferring or using without chip where is my best source for a replacement key?

Thanks for any help

Will this work?
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I would like to add that, on the 451 at least, when you have new keys added to the Smart they must all be present and added one at a time, any left out will no longer work.
It probably will not start with out it.
That is my expectation, but I have been surprised before.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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