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Its pretty rare to see 450's around now a days, but this week we got our hands on 2 of them for some major work.

-The first 450 is a silver 2002 with major electrical system issues. The customer came to us who previously came from a Mercedes Dealer that could not figure out why the vehicle was not running. Once we got our hands on and opened it up we found that there were cut harness wires and fried connectors.

We were able to get the vehicle started, at the moment we are replacing harness wires and fried connectors. Making sure that everything is in good working order.

-The second 450 came from us from the OC from another Mercedes Benz dealer. She originally purchased the vehicle out of the state and need to get the car a tune up and started. Later she was told that she needed a brand new motor and a whole list of things to be replaced. At that time she decided to contact us for a second opinion.

We were able get the smart started and everything is fine with no need for a new engine. Just a major tune up and some elbow grease. Now we are making sure the car runs smooth as it was when it was first driven off the smart lot!

We have a full showroom and service shop here in Sunny Signal Hill, Ca! If you have any questions or need minor to major work to your smart car, please contact us at 888-993-7552 or 562-981-6800.
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