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These are independent shops I could find in Florida that say they work on smarts -



Bergman's European Autoworks
112 Edwards Avenue
Brandon, FL 33510


Continental Imports
1219 South Main Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
Automotive Repair from Continental Imports


Enver's European Auto Repair
1011 N. Orlando Ave.
Maitland, FL 32751



Auto Body Tech
8686 NW 68th St.
Miami, FL 33166

Miami Automobile Repair Shop: Miami Auto Repair Shop : Miami Service Mechanics


Guy's Automotive
3049 W. Hillsborough Ave.
Tamps, FL 33614

Guy's Automotive : Service Repair Parts


Ledbetter's Repair Shop
3805 N US Highway 301
Tampa, FL 33619

LEDBETTERS MERCEDES REPAIR (813)626-4522 (813)626-4094 TAMPA BRANDON FL.html

as a 450 owner for almost 4 yrs I have never taken my smart to a dealer and have gotten great service from a local independent repair shop. When I first got the smart, I did a little homework and contacted [email & phone] about a dozen local independent mercedes repair shops conveniently located to me - some said no and some said yes - based on responses I visited several and then selected the one I felt most comfortable with. One of the most important things from my perspective was that the independent had the mercedes "Star" computer system - that way the mechanic's computer can talk to the car's computer - try contacting several independent mercedes benz shops - since there is a smart center in your area I bet you will find some independents who have already worked on smarts even if they don't publicize it. Even if they don't have much experience w/ smarts - it ain't rocket surgery - it's a car with the same basic parts that work the same basic way. Seems to me what's important is: they have the MB Star computer system that can diagnose the car, they are a competent mechanic experienced w/ MB cars, they are honest, and, you feel comfortable with them. Hope this helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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