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Smart reliability

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Hey ya'll,

I know we've talked alot about the warranty, but what about the actual RELIABILTY of the Smart 42? Any hearsay/stats/personal experience on how often they break down, what components start to show trouble first, etc. Reliabilty is VERY important to me. I want a car that I can drive and drive and beat up and still have it ready for more the next day. To give you my perspective I used to have a 92 Maxima (245000, lost to collision), and currently drive a 98 Outback (145000). On both of them everything in the car still worked/works even with high mileage and heavy use.

At 145000 my Outback has yet to actually have a breakdown require a tow or major corrective maintenance (knock on wood). Most major problems in 3+ years of ownership were a batt failure (old original batt) and the check engine light indicating a cylinder misfire (remedied by replacing the ignition coil).
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It'll take a year or two to have a complete picture regarding reliability.
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