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Smart reliability

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Hey ya'll,

I know we've talked alot about the warranty, but what about the actual RELIABILTY of the Smart 42? Any hearsay/stats/personal experience on how often they break down, what components start to show trouble first, etc. Reliabilty is VERY important to me. I want a car that I can drive and drive and beat up and still have it ready for more the next day. To give you my perspective I used to have a 92 Maxima (245000, lost to collision), and currently drive a 98 Outback (145000). On both of them everything in the car still worked/works even with high mileage and heavy use.

At 145000 my Outback has yet to actually have a breakdown require a tow or major corrective maintenance (knock on wood). Most major problems in 3+ years of ownership were a batt failure (old original batt) and the check engine light indicating a cylinder misfire (remedied by replacing the ignition coil).
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Glider Dude.

The USA Smart 4-2 hasn't been out long enough to know yet.

The Euro gas model with the MB engine has mixed reviews overseas. According to their forums, some engines fail early even with top maintenance.

The Mitsu engines have been in the Euro models a while and are used on the Smart road show. I talked to the drivers at the Michigan show and worst
problem they have had, so far, was a failed plug.

BTW, both wife and I run lots of miles as road warriors, and have gone through six Subarus. and a hand full of other cars. The Subies have been problem free. We will retire the 02 Outback at +200k next year.

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I second you on all your points.

I expect this machine to be a high maintenance PIA. But I am buying it anyway. We love tiny cars and this is the only new one we can buy in the US.

It will be a blast.

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