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Smart resale price??

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Hello Everybody,

I have two Passions reserved one is the cabriolet. My delivery as per the smart people at the road show will be one of the first here in Miami. They also said some may even be delivered as early as end of December. I am not going to be so optimistic and say it will be mid January 2008. Anyway my question to the esteemed connoisseurs of this forum is what kind of resale value you see these going for in the secondary market. I would like to know ideas in case I have to sell mine.
1 Passion coupe triple black with leather (Comfort pkg) Premium Sound and Alarm System
1 Cabriolet red/blk All Options
Thanks to all.
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Thank you Carnut
Thats more or less what I was thinking My total price + 3K or so.
I will probably try Ebay if I decide to sell.
Just to let you guys know... we will have classifieds in not too long ;)

I would rather members post their cars for sale here rather then eBay and then those of us that may have ordered something unique can always list our cars with no actual intention on selling it unless the deal is just that great!
Thank you for the info Smart
When the time comes and if I decide to sell I will then post here in the classifieds first.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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