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Hello my Smart Roadster started knocking ONLY at 6th speed specially with full throttle and more specific on rising road
I gone to smart and the system detects problem with knocking sensor. I change it with NEW(bosch).
The scanning tool continues to showing the same error.
I run a dyno test and checked the programmed everything showing perfect.
I run a diagnostic test for the cylinders on road and I verified the the knocking problem is on 3rd cylinder and only in 6th speed.
I changed the fuel filter and I am running only 100 octane fuel. I used also a FI cleaner oil (mixed with fuel).
The problem insists. Any ideas??? Thanks.
Swap injector 1 and 3. See if problem follows
Swap coil 1 and 3. See if problem follows
New spark plugs.
If the problem moves to cyl 1 then that component is bad. If it stays on cyl 3 then you have a different problem.
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