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Greetings All

I took these photos today

My friend I and from work test drove the 4-2 today (we both have the $99 reservation fee in) an while driving back to work we agreed on almost everything (WOW).

We both liked the fact that once in the car "You didn't feel like you were in a small car".

We both liked the style and the nice job on the interior.

We both liked the ease of access ( I'm 49 he being 62) and all the room.

We both thought it was a well planed car with style.

BUT (of course there is ALWAYS a BUT:D), we also agreed that the gear changing will take some time to get use to (we now understand what the EU threads were talking about), and if you acquire the timing needed to kick in the clutch to pull out in traffic in a timely manner, THEN switch to another car OOPPSS.

We both didn't like the feel of the Brakes (another learning curve).

I didn't like that it tracked, like my BMW Z3 (wants to follow the road cracks).

Ed didn't like the mirrors (I'm not sure why).

I would buy 1 tomorrow, I would use it for home to work transport (17 miles in each direction), and learn to live with the oddities, Ed wants to test drive the Toyota's, Honda's, and others before committing.

On a side note: I convert SVO to Biodiesel and use it in my home heating system, I am REALLY bummed they dropped the diesel version and even more bummed I can't import one from Canada.

Well that was my day:p


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Hi everybody,
My name is Ryan and i am from New York. i bought a brand new BMW 5 Series last week. It seems quite costly but i love that vehicle too much especially its luxurious interior. I wish to give my car a more sportive look. Can anyone provide some valuable information regarding the modification of BMW.

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