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***While we may not have the actual first smart usa newsletter, here is the text from the original newsletter. If you have the original email, please forward it to forums[@]Smartcarofamerica[dot]com***

Welcome to smart!

Our first official smart USA newsletter is being read by all of you who sought us out during the past year for information about smart. In appreciation for the interest that you have expressed in the smart brand, we are including you as part of this select mailing list.

For many of you who saw a smart vehicle for the first time while traveling abroad or flipping through your favorite car magazine, the experience stuck with you, so much so, that you felt the need to communicate to us your desire to see smart in the U.S. Thank you for doing so because your determined voice helped us make the decision to bring smart stateside.

smart Brand Debuts in the U.S. at the North American Auto Show in Detroit

For the first time ever in the U.S., the entire smart family will be on display at the North American Auto Show, which is open to the public from January 15 through January 23 in Detroit, Michigan.

Visitors to this smart booth will find representatives from each of smart?s model lineups: the fortwo, the fortwo cabrio, the roadster and even the newest member of the family ? the smart forfour.

The smart auto show booth represents what the smart brand is known for around the world ? innovation, functionality and joy of life. The display is modeled after a distinctive feature of all smart vehicles, the tridion safety cell.

Films, European commercials and visual smart anecdotes can be seen playing on a vast LED screen positioned on the entire back wall of the booth. And well-informed smart loyalists are on hand to answer all questions about the smart brand and family of products.

We understand if you cannot make it to Detroit (sort of) and have created a virtual tour through the smart booth which can be found on our website at

A Bit More About Us

As most of you already know, smart is a revolutionary automaker known for its unusual and highly stylized products which can be found in over 30 countries worldwide. Upon its introduction in 1998, the best known member of the smart family ? the smart fortwo ? forced automakers and consumers alike to reconsider what a small car could and should be. What the diminutive 8-foot-2.5-inch-long vehicle lacks in sheet metal it makes up for in design and progressive safety engineering.

The smart brand continued to defy an establishment that promotes the idea of ?bigger is better? by introducing a full range of products to fit the needs of an emerging class of individuals ? creative realists.

Like the imaginative geniuses who created the fortwo ? a growing segment of the population across the pond came to realize that most vehicles motoring through crowded European roadways are occupied by two or fewer individuals. Thus, a new way of thinking about a very conventional industry was born and more than 700,000 smart fortwos have been sold since production began more than six years ago.

Measured in terms of the immeasurable, a smart vehicle adds a new dimension of self-expression to the life of its owner. Whether you are drawn to smart for its pragmatic ecological utility or for the solution it could offer to your urban parking nightmare, a smart vehicle is sure to transform your perception of the average driving experience.

With that said, we?ll leave you to what you were doing before you opened the email that changed the way you thought about automobiles forever (enriched it, at least). Please continue to visit our website for the latest information concerning the launch.

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My pleasure...


Thanks for providing it Smartcarguy.
No problem, it was my pleasure. I wouldn't even have found this site had I not Googled for Newsletter Volume 1. I printed it when I first got it but never had a digital copy. I keep a binder of all my stuff and was updating it this weekend when I noticed I was missing a digital copy.

I joined the site yesterday and became a paid member today.

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