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Smartcar 2012 not shifting into reverse or 1st gear

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Hello, I am new to the forum but I was looking to get some ideas on what might be happening with my 2012 smart for two passion. I bought it second hand and have had it for about a year. It has 68,000 miles on it and has been quite a pain with repairs recently. I had to replace the control module at the dealer recently and not long after that my check engine light came on when I started the car up. When I start my car up in the morning and try to put it in reverse, it feels like the gear is slipping and it won’t go into reverse. When I try to put it in drive the same gear slipping happens. The only way I can get it moving is to switch to the manual mode and use my paddle shifters. Once I have done that the car dives fine for a while but the problem is reoccurring. I have taken it to The dealer and they couldn’t figure out the problem. I was wondering if it sounds like the clutch is bad or if others have experience this problem? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Sounds like your actuator has become sticky through lack of maintenance.

Take the clutch actuator off making a note of the current position. (Plenty of guides on how to do this)

open it up by unscrewing the black cover and check to see if it’s filled with dirt. It should have white lithium grease on the gear.

if not flush out with brake cleaner and dry with compressed air and lubricate with a liberal amount of white grease.

close it all up and reinstall.
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