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Original SmartCar Performance car needs a new owner. Fully loaded:

SmartCar Performance Intake
Side Scoop purchased from UK, no longer available
Upgraded Exhaust
Upgraded Springs
SmartCar Performance Armrest
SmartCar Performance ArmPods
SmartCar Performance Gearshift
Carbon Fiber inside trim
HID headlights
LED back headlights, professionally done
Inside LED lights
Pioneer DVD Player, CD with backup camera
Rear sensor, displays distance to object
Digital display of Tire Pressure (displays on head unit)
400 watts of great sound. 10" subwoofer in the back
Body Kit
Genius Wheels with racing tires
SmartCar Performance Billet Gas Cap design
SmartCar Performance Tow Hook.
Yellow/Black Fuzzy Die
Engine Insulation
Lambo Doors!!

Bike Rack may possibly be included.

$130K miles

$7,000 - PM me if you are interested.


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I think $7k is fair if it's in such good condition. I've seen some other high mileage smarts for sale for around $5k and they all look like they were used in some disaster movie.

And of course, I bet there's some wiggle room in that price too. :wink:
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