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I bet I am not very far outside any "normal" demographic for the Smart car

At age 52 and a household income in the over 100K under 200K range with a strong positive attitude about the safety, comfort, and utility of large scale (gas hog) SUVs and Trucks.

I think the Smart car is exceptionally utilitarian for short range commuting and errand running from my rural 16 miles out of town location. It will replace my aging 2000 Ford Escort ZX2 for about the same price and get better economy.

I fully expect it initially to have a higher then normal resale value. Thus trading into a new Smart every two years will probably be a way of life for the next 10 years.

This year I have driven the lower HP turbocharged version in Germany. The machine has more then enough power to get onto the AutoBahn and even compete in the left lane when needed. The control was a tad squirrelly at 75 to 90 MPH when overtaking big trucks and entering the air buffet zone just in front of the big truck. But the cross wind dynamic was not so bad as to be unsafe, just a little more disconcerting because of the small car perspective.

In the very tight streets and side roads of down town Germany is where this vehicle really shines... Visibility is very good, acceleration, braking, and nimble handling make navigating inner city roads a dream.

This car is as fun to drive as it looks like it is.
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