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Look truth told... Smartuki will be available here in the states shortly in addition to Smartuki there are several companies here in the states working on the same type kit - you have a lot to contend with - the most important is it will never be a daily driver again yes you can drive it daily however driving will become a task second is cost for any kit you purchase The quaife dif is $3500 alone... an 08 busa motor is around 5k but you still need an ECU, ignitor, full wire-harness, gauge cluster, sub-frame, side exit header which you have to pretty much re-fab, exhaust, water pump, custom intake box, 100 misc parts nuts bolts washer about 50 hrs of labor and this is not back yard install you will need many professional tools like a lathe and lift -
Now you have your 451 with a busa motor - no A/C no alternator no power steering brake that are useless (your next upgrade)
so now your sitting on stock shyt tires so you will need to flair the rear and add nice wide tires..
ok you ready to drive wait....... spend 3 hrs on a dyno because mixure is a mess because you no longer have the stock intake and exhaust set up so you will find the motor doing funky shyt - ok your ready to drive....... wait now you have to build a complete enclosure for the motor because of heat and noise - after all this I bet you forgot you need to have the battery on a tender because the bike generator cant handle all the shyt a car need to keep running - so run out and buy a battery or push start OK we are almost there...... GO DRIVE........... as you start to pull your 160 Hp Smart out to the street you notice a cop - park t again and enjoy looking at it......
I hope I am giving you some insight into the practicality of the Smart with a motor swap :D now you have a 40k to 50k Smart Car but its fast LOL :D

sorry for the grammar this was sent from a hand held

Race911 - I am glad you understand... should I start to explain the limited mile you can get on that dif? :D
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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