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Following last weeks successful Sheffield 10 pin bowling meet, we had a smart car treasure hunt today.
We all met at 10am in a shopping mall car park, and were given a map, clues and a set of questions, and then we set off in our smarties at 2 minute intervals into the beautiful Derbyshire countryside to get lost and shout at each other.
Joanne and I got lost and ended up going down a dead end, so we had to cheat and turn on the satnav to get us back to where we should have been, but we missed some of the clues along the way as we were on the wrong roads, we eventually got back on track and got the rest of the clues and guess what? we all ended up at a pub at the finish for a spot of Christmas lunch.
We found out that we went wrong as a car had parked in front of the road sign of the road we should have turned left at, and we missed it, so we did'nt feel too bad.
After lunch we had a Secret Santa present ceremony, everybody was sent a pm as to who we had to buy a pressie for, we had to spend £5 only, you would'nt believe the rubbish presents we all got, I got some socks with boobies on them, another guy got some wanking butter, lots got cleaning stuff for their cars, somebody got body chocolate and her partner got edible underwear, some got large tubes of smarties which was apt, you can't get much for £5 these days, and we proved it. :D
Here is some piccies of the cars, sorry about the pink abomonation, it is a Smart forfour that Kelly thought it would be a good idea to spray pink as she is a girly girl. booaaaah, that was a little bit of sick coming up into my mouth, enjoy.

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