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So excited to be a fourtwo electric drive smart driver!

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I just bought a 1-owner lease return light blue fourtwo ED smart car :D. It'll be delivered tomorrow!! Wahoo!
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Because the car is "for two people" so it's called a fortwo. The version made for four people is called the forfour.

Prior to our shopping for the fortwo, my wife only knew of it as a Smart car. She looked at "fortwo" and said "What's a fort-wo?" I laughed so hard I hurt my gizzard. . .
Kudos for her creativity.

Did she say fort-WOO or fort-WOE?
fort-WOE, but it came out more like fort-WHOA. Kind of with a bit of a country twang, with a slight heaping of "I know this must be wrong" on top.
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