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(Sold) 2008 Passion for sale. 108k miles. Wisconsin

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My 2008 Passion has 108k miles on it. Picture in my profile.
$1600 obo
Leather, multi CD, rpm gauge and clock, fog lights, alarm, etc.
Needs a little work: abs tone rings on the rear axles need replacing, left front spring needs replacing, needs ball joints.
Mechanic wants arm and leg to fix...

I'm the original owner, located in ZIP 53081
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Well crap, I just bought a bunch of parts including a replacement motor otherwise I'd have jumped on this.
If you've still got it in a month or so, message me. Maybe by then I can find a spot to hide another Smart so as not to get into trouble. :)

For what it's worth, none of those are especially hard to do, just time consuming. I just ordered some ABS rings (I ordered spares) and the ball joint is pretty cheap, only the coil spring is anywhere near expensive and it's not bad.

I need it! Would it make it to northern Illinois?
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No problem. I'm in Sheboygan, just 60 miles north of Milwaukee
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