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Hiya all, I traded in my ED today and so ends my smart car journey. I've had 3 different smart cars all told probably 6 years driving time and I never broke down even once. What a solid dependable ride these little miracle machines are. The ED was my favorite of the bunch. Because I didn't have to buy gas.

I got a good deal on a Bolt and pretty much got sucked in the moment I sat in it. After the smart it feels like piloting a giant space ship. The reason I sold it is because the range was getting a little unpredictable. I've been driving a guy to work and I take the same route every time. Some days I'd have a quarter tank, some days less than a tenth by the time I got home. No big deal but it should be a little more uniform than that. I thought it might become a problem down the line so best to get out while the getting's good.

So best of luck to all you smart fans out there, I'm out!

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teenytinytaxi, sorry to see you go but the Bolt looks like a sensible “middle ground” in our EV movement?

And if your range was on the edge, cold weather can bring on that dreaded “range anxiety!”

Don’t be a stranger, stop by from time to time and share some real owner EV comparisons.
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