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Someone please hack this traction control demon! 453

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Had a miserable experience in what I consider minuscule amount of snow this weekend. While I haven't installed Blizzaks yet, I didn't feel we've had enough snow to worry. Took a run up to the Upper Peninsula to catch some snow with the sled. My brother was able to drive my truck and trailer up earlier.

This traction control is so invasive, it just shuts you down even in minor snow. I had to be pulled into the cabin drive and then pulled up the minor hill on the road.... talk about embarrassing!

Pulling the fuse does not disable the traction control, it will still shut the power down to the wheels. My 2008 was a beast in the snow with Blizzaks and the Traction Defeat triggered. Hell, I pulled a sled over 400 miles with that car on unplowed roads and driveways!

Does anyone have Russian connections that might be able to hack a solution?

The old Smarty never gave up......even in deep snow.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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