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Aloha everyone.

My name is Felipe and I'm in the market for Smart Car. My only requirements is that it's a coupe and I've always bought used. And i need to fit a bike rack so I can take my mountain bike to my favorite trials. I would take any advice on what to look for and things I should avoid when inspecting one of these, model years to avoid, things that a consumer should look out for.

Here's little snap shot my vehicular history to give some insight on what type of driver I am.

My family is a Toyota family. Learned to drive on an early 80's Celica. I've been involved in amatuer racing events such as weekend at dragstrips or trackdays HPDE. The latter being most enjoyable. Eversince I've was able to get my own car, I've owned nothing but GM's. '92 Pontiac Grand Am, '94 Formula (swapped 383 for drag racing), '02 Trans Am WS6 (Swapped 427 and modified for track duty), '03 Silverado 1500HD, and my favorite and still own '08 Corvette Z06. So why am I in the hunt for a Smart Car?

Life happens, and I 've moved back to Oahu. All the race tracks have closed and driving my vette is only fun for the weekends with no traffic. Plus the 'vette is showing it's age and I find my self replacing wear items (most recently power steering pump). I currently ride my bicycle for commuting but I dread having to drive my the 'vette when it rains. The Smart checks all the boxes I need from my small amount of research. It's small, nimble, and perfect for Honolulu traffic.
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