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Although the range is low the speed and quickness is not low in the Electric Drive smart car. It makes driving in traffic a blast because you are not expected to be quick but you are getting you to the place you need to be in traffic. Almost instant torque and no gear lag makes it pull away from almost everyone. It's not a V8 but it a lot of fun.
I love driving my gas Bee but the gear shift lag gets in the way during some traffic maneuvers even with paddle shifting. Get the gas smart out on a curvy road and the paddle shifter makes it a blast so that even a V8 cannot pull away. I enjoy the challenge that the small engine gives you when you use the paddles even on a race track with much faster cars. I have to rely on my technique to improve my times and cannot just power through the track to improve times.
Give your smart some time to work into your driving habits and vice versa. Get it out on some curvy roads and shift will smile at the end of your run. I found that a cold air intake and silicone tube makes you feel faster without increasing your HP. A Go Pedal from smart Madness will make your shifts quicker but big HP gains are not easily found.
Put your money in the suspension, wheels and rubber.
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