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I was fortunate, I purchased my car from a salvage yard (with an all allegedly siezed motor) I was very fortunate to receive both key fobs for my car!
Also, after very little work, I had the car running again (18 hours after I arrived home with it!) I’ve been in contact with the original owner. He said it slowed down and couldn’t accelerate. His “mechanic” said it had a seized motor so he sent it to the salvage yard. I found it on the innerweb and purchased it site unseen. I did have a very sharp set of eyes look it over carefully for me (thanks Mr. Len Sokolof)
It is a 31K mile vehicle, never was driven in snow or rain! The previous owner was furious with the mechanic! I’m sure there’s going to be more to THAT story!

Here are a couple of pics. Wheel Car Automotive parking light Tire Automotive side-view mirror
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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