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Speedometer Faces!

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After getting addicted to making smart speedo faces using Photoshop and Cube's provided templates, I've come out with three of my own favorite speedos...One of them will be my new speedo face eventually:

Top Gear Presenters (this one would work best as I don't plan on changing the faces on the pods)

Top Gear's Stig (This one would be cool, but would make the speedo clash with the pods)

And...Rage Face smart speedo (This one is a HUGE Work in Progress...I'm still working on this one and figuring out how to make them light up at night)

What speedometers have y'all come up with? :)
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LOL I love the ragefaces one! If you make one and get it to work, I'll buy one from you(or give you the plans for the rim lights :rofl2::bigthumbup:) if you can just stick the troll face as the esp flasher!

That'd be a pretty novel idea; smart madness to stock speedo face plate themes.
..hey Neon..I think you can make your car payment and some chick expending money if you go into business...

jetfuel...I'll take one...
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I thought that rage face went from all smiley to popping at the end -- the last one should be a little half-head with a localized red splatter... just saying
What speedometers have y'all come up with?

Just plain black, thanks... Matches my pods.
I'd like to make these real (and maybe make some for other owners) but I noticed that on Cube's car the gauge face doesn't light up quite like the OE version. I think an LED/SMD upgrade could solve that.

This week the modding bug bit me hard so stay tuned :D
Returning to this old project. When that tax return comes in I'm completing a few projects I put on hold.

The reason I put this one on hold is my lack of Photoshop experience. I would like the Rage Faces to be transparent so they'll light up at night...I don't have the Photoshop prowess to do that!

Alternatively, if the rage faces cannot be transparent I would like a circular dot in between each face that would be transparent to light up at night.

Anyone out there with Photoshop skills that can help?
How much would you charge for a black face with numbers & speedo graph outlined in orange, just like the o.e.m silver with black outlines, need one match my HKS gauge on the steering colum.
Since I am far from good at Photoshop, any faces with numbering would have the same number fonts as seen in post #1. Unless, there's an experienced PS user on here that can replicate the original speedo font.

I'd charge $0. I couldn't possibly charge for something anyone with a computer could do. :)
I'd even slap on a HKS logo if you'd like!

Cube's tutorial is right here too !
Smart Fortwo Custom Speedometer Face
I think, you should put images of cars, the smart is faster then.
I have made several of these and I am looking to re-make the current version I have installed - see the Sleigh mods for examples. My issue has been that the paper top layer tends to delaminate and bubble in high humidity. Not 30 minutes ago I was at a UPS store to see if I brought in a sheet of thin white plastic would they be able to prrint on it. I am hoping to have this done in time for the April Fools meet up.

As for lighting up the faces - when you remove the speedo you will see the light is channeled to certain areas of the speedo - not sure it would reach low enough for the full face... If you want me to remove the faces from the black background send me a PM and I will give you an email address to send your files to. I am using GIMP so no promises but I will see what I can do...
I made a more actuate speedo face, for Neon. MPY.

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I'm using that GIMP program too. I just noticed that I left the measurement lines intact above the rage faces. So even if they can't light up I can still count my speed!

So correcting myself now. I want to make the faces transparent :)
I made a more actuate speedo face, for Neon. MPY.

Hilarious!!! :D
These are cool, but I am wondering. Is it illegal to change the speedo to something without MPH on it?

I know it wouldn't pass Virginia's state inspection.

This technical amendment corrects an error in Table 2 of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 101 as a result of a final rule published September 24, 1998. In that notice the agency adopted language for the speedometer display as “MPH and/or km/h”. The effect of this language is to allow speedometers labeled in miles per hour (MPH) alone, kilometers per hour (km/h) alone, or both miles and kilometers per hour. The intent was to require speedometer display in miles per hour, and to allow the addition of kilometers per hour at the option of the manufacturer. This amendment changes the language of Table 2 to “MPH, or MPH and km/h”.

IL's state inspection is only for emissions on cars four years and older. As long as the check engine light isn't on it'll pass.

Here in IL, as long as it has working headlights, taillights, turn indicators, and a valid registration, it's legal for road use!
Neon, I think I'll will change out the speedo face. If I get pulled over for speeding. The cop will ask me how fast I was going. I'll tell him, as fast as a walker.

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The reason I put this one on hold is my lack of Photoshop experience. I would like the Rage Faces to be transparent so they'll light up at night...I don't have the Photoshop prowess to do that!

Anyone out there with Photoshop skills that can help?
I don't have mad Photoshop skills, but I am not too bad at GIMP. Below is a tutorial I created while making Neon's faces transparent on his speedo. Some of these directions are specific to the file I was working with but I think they are generic enough to be of use:

1. Before I started I created a new layer to work on. In the case of this file I created a layer called ‘NoRageFace’ that is a copy of Layer 33 – the black background image that is needed behind your actual speedo face to block light from areas you don't want lit up. I used a black paint brush to paint over all the numbers on the layer since some of the rage faces did not totally cover the numbers and leaving them ‘clear’ would cause light to show through where you did not want it. Note: You may need to print two of these black layers on transparency to get nicely defined edges on your night time speedo face – and lining them up is extremely important.
2. Make the layer with the image you want to remove from the black background the only visible layer – in your case this is ‘Layer 10 copy’ – the layer with the rage faces.
3. Make sure the layer with the image you want to remove from the black background is also the selected layer. You can have ‘Layer 10 copy’ as the only visible layer – but have a different layer selected (The selected layer will be highlighted in blue in the layers window). You will know you have the wrong layer selected when you see nothing changing even though you are applying changes to the layer. If this happens the multi-undo in Gimp is your best friend.
4. Zoom to 800 or 1600
5. Clean up the edges of the artwork with pencil - down to 1 pixel in tight areas - otherwise I use 10 pixels for the pencil size. In this case you paint the non-white pixels white (or whatever the background color of the image is - use the eyedropper to get the background color) to give a better defined edge to the graphic – check your layer ‘Layer 10 copy’ to see how I cleaned up the image. The cleaner the edge - the better it will look when printed - and the easier it is to select from the background.
6. If the image is just an outline use the scissors tool to select around the outside of the image. For the images with large areas of black in them – I used the lasso tool instead of the scissors and cut just slightly outside the black edges so the whole image would light up at night. Note: You can use shift-click and any of the selection tools to adjust where the selection line is placed – sometimes the ‘intelligent’ selection is not so smart… (pun intended?) I have all the selection tools set to Antialiasing, Feather edges (Radius 10) and Interactive Boundary. This way the cut-out will have smooth edges and look nice behind the image you are removing.
7. Once you have the selection of the image to your liking chage to the black background the only visible layer.
8. Make sure the black background layer is also selected.
9. Select ‘Edit – Cut’. This will remove the outline of the image from the black background allowing the light to shine through – but only in the area you had selected on the image layer.
10. Once again make the Layer with the image to be removed the only visible layer and be sure it is also the selected layer. From the top menu choose 'Select - None' to stop the selection of the current image.
11. Lather, Rinse, Repeat for any additional images you want to remove from the black background.
Let me know if you have questions or comments

Santa Michael
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