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Springs and Wheels recommendations? Anyone running the VOGTLAND Lowering springs?

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I just bought a Used 2013 Passion Coupe and I am very un-impressed with the handling not to mentioned that weird feeling while driving on the freeway... Almost like the car is being controlled by the wind :)

The car has the skinny stock tires and springs which is most likely the problem...

After browsing the forums it seems like lowering springs and bigger wider wheels will help a lot.

Anyone running the VOGTLAND Sport Lowering springs? Part number is 950404 with a 0.7 inch drop Front & 1.4 inch Drop in the Rear.

I am thinking about going with Lorinser 17" Speedy Wheels, 17x7.5 on all 4 and tire wise maybe 205/40-17 NITTO NT NEOGEN on ALL 4 for rotation ease and not going down to a 35 sidewall.

Ideally I would like the rims/tires to be flush with the fenders and have as little as a gap as possible... Will I need spacers?

Any feedback would be much appreciated!
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I have 7.5x17 Brabus wheels on all four corners of my '09 Brabus coupe. The tires are Hankook 215/35-17. The front are fairly flush with the fender, but the rear always seemed to set in more than I liked due to the negative camber. I decided to try some wheel spacers on the back. I started with Eibach 30mm as suggested by Tigerwong58. They put the sidewall just past the edge of the fender by about 10mm. I ordered another set of Eibach 20mm spacers. Now the fit is good in my opinion. The rear tire is just under the fender edge by a couple of mm's. I like the look and will try to post some pics.

By the way, I will probably try to sell the 30mm Eibach spacers. I put them on the car and drove it about five miles and came home and ordered the 20mm's.
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