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Springs and Wheels recommendations? Anyone running the VOGTLAND Lowering springs?

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I just bought a Used 2013 Passion Coupe and I am very un-impressed with the handling not to mentioned that weird feeling while driving on the freeway... Almost like the car is being controlled by the wind :)

The car has the skinny stock tires and springs which is most likely the problem...

After browsing the forums it seems like lowering springs and bigger wider wheels will help a lot.

Anyone running the VOGTLAND Sport Lowering springs? Part number is 950404 with a 0.7 inch drop Front & 1.4 inch Drop in the Rear.

I am thinking about going with Lorinser 17" Speedy Wheels, 17x7.5 on all 4 and tire wise maybe 205/40-17 NITTO NT NEOGEN on ALL 4 for rotation ease and not going down to a 35 sidewall.

Ideally I would like the rims/tires to be flush with the fenders and have as little as a gap as possible... Will I need spacers?

Any feedback would be much appreciated!
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I went with the Smartmadness lowering springs on both of my smarts. The front barely drops at all, and the rear levels out to get rid of the ugly rake. The ride is much better, much less body roll and the annoying bucking between shifts is gone. I still feel that the shocks/struts are too soft. I'd love to do complete coilovers but haven't seen or read enough about them. Wish I could find a pic of the Bilsteins at their lowest. I'd love to eliminate the wheel gap all together. Pic for example:
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