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Springs and Wheels recommendations? Anyone running the VOGTLAND Lowering springs?

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I just bought a Used 2013 Passion Coupe and I am very un-impressed with the handling not to mentioned that weird feeling while driving on the freeway... Almost like the car is being controlled by the wind :)

The car has the skinny stock tires and springs which is most likely the problem...

After browsing the forums it seems like lowering springs and bigger wider wheels will help a lot.

Anyone running the VOGTLAND Sport Lowering springs? Part number is 950404 with a 0.7 inch drop Front & 1.4 inch Drop in the Rear.

I am thinking about going with Lorinser 17" Speedy Wheels, 17x7.5 on all 4 and tire wise maybe 205/40-17 NITTO NT NEOGEN on ALL 4 for rotation ease and not going down to a 35 sidewall.

Ideally I would like the rims/tires to be flush with the fenders and have as little as a gap as possible... Will I need spacers?

Any feedback would be much appreciated!
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17" wheels will be prone to pothole damage and ride quality will suffer because of having less sidewall compliance. Stay with 15" wheels if ride quality is a consideration.

A lot of the problem with the ride is that the ride motions are insufficiently controlled. The front springs are too soft and the damping is weak. You'd think that would give a soft ride ... but there is not very much suspension travel available, and it leads to the front end slamming into the bump stops all the time. It also leads to sloppy body control when changing directions (lots of body roll ... and the suspension comes close to hitting the bump stops when doing so) and the fore-and-aft pitching on acceleration, changing gears, braking, etc.

If you are going to go to the trouble of taking things apart to change front springs then put on better struts as well.

I can't speak for other choices but I can only comment on what mine has (and which has been in there for 100,000+ km). I opted for the complete Bilstein B14 coil-over suspension kit, and four OEM 15x6.5 rear rims, and Falken 195/50-15 tires all around.

It rides and handles the way it should have from day one.
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That's the standard Pure/Passion rear rim size. (It's still better to use four of those than stock.) There were optional wheels that were 15x6.5, and a number of aftermarket wheels are available in this size for this car.
This is a 4th car so ride comfort is not a priority as I will be using another car for longer drives. I am more after handling, safety and the look.

I went with 17x6.5 (195/40) Front and 17x7.5 (225/35) back so yeah not much sidewalls left... Just need to decide on the springs or a complete suspension kit though it is quiet not the same budget.

What kind of a drop did you get with the Bilstein B14 coil-over suspension kit? I would like 0.6/0.7 in the front and over 1inch for the rear.
Ride height is adjustable (threaded spring mounts) at all four corners ... that's the benefit of using the complete kit. I have it close to stock ride height in front in the interest of preserving bump travel, and about 20mm lowered in the rear in the interest of getting the lateral links as close to horizontal as possible with driver aboard - this minimizes the tendency to move towards toe-out in droop (e.g. when going over the crest of hills).
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