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Steel wheel black center caps?

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Hi guys/gals, they seem to be a pit pricey on auction sites, so does anyone have a set they want to get rid of? Worst case I can order them from Germany cheaper than the top auction site, but I figured I would check here first.

FYI- my Passion came with the spoke wheels, but they were so bent up they didn't pass inspection and the cost to repair was more than what I paid for brand new steel wheels. The new wheels don't have the caps. If you have some, or know a cheap place to get a set I am all ears.

Thanks in advance.
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Well I just ordered a driver side door latch mechanism from AutoBahn because the cable on mine was broken and as a result I could not unlock the door with the key. I recieved one promptly and when I opened it I noticed the door lock cable had the sheath broken. There wasn't enough plastic on the sheath to hold the cable with the clip. I imediatley e-mailed them and included a picture. I told them that I would try to make it work. Well a few days later I tried to install it and it would not work. So this time I emailed the parts manager that had placed his business card in the box with my shipment. I explained the problem and that I was unhappy over the situation. A couple of hours later I had an email back that stated he was showing my email to the guy that orignally sold me the latch. It's been 2 days and I haven't heard a thing. I don't know if they mailed me out another latch assembly or not, but a courtesy e-mail would have been nice. I was going to spend another $200 with them for the power window kit, but now I'm not sure.
UPDATE: Got an email from Autobahn and they are sending me another door latch. So if it arrives in good condition I am still considering the electric window kit and electric mirrors to COMPLETE my Fortwo to "LOADED WITH OPTIONS". It's been an expensive renovation that has spanned alomst 2 years to get this little car the way I want it, but the journey has been worth it.
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