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Steel wheel black center caps?

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Hi guys/gals, they seem to be a pit pricey on auction sites, so does anyone have a set they want to get rid of? Worst case I can order them from Germany cheaper than the top auction site, but I figured I would check here first.

FYI- my Passion came with the spoke wheels, but they were so bent up they didn't pass inspection and the cost to repair was more than what I paid for brand new steel wheels. The new wheels don't have the caps. If you have some, or know a cheap place to get a set I am all ears.

Thanks in advance.
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I double the opinion on Autobahn Dismantlers in San Diego, CA I got my front end kit from them off Ebay, and a replacement antenna because I broke the mast taking it apart. They were great to work with, and the kit I got had everything I needed plus more! I found myself thinking I wish I had an item and I would find it wrapped up in the box, including a plastic baggy of misc bolts, and plastic rivets!! These guys are the best!!.

The auction aid it was for a 2008-2012 and I figured I would end up with the newer style front end. it ended up being the same style of my 2008 except for the painted lower part which is fine by me. I can't say enough good things about them!
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When I bought my front end kit, they were a little lax on the communications as to when it would ship and arrive as it was through a shipper and I would have to go pick it up about 50 some miles away. And the latest about the headlight, still have not gotten it yet and not sure when it will arrive. I can only assume they are busy. I was told it shipped when they got payment. The car is done except for mounting the headlight and the front clip. (and of course paint which will have to wait for warmer weather) but for now it is sitting....
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