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after i get two more rear rims i will install 195/55 tires. i know it will give a better ride and reduce cross wind effects. does it increase the steering effort considerably at low speed turning like parking?

also with the increase in tire size and added mass does it generally take more braking power to stop?

if anyone has any negative reasons why not to put this size on please tell me why

thanks guys
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I've been running 195/50/15 on all four corners for the past 80,000 miles. And I drive my smart bloody fast.

So far as I can tell, here's what to expect:

- Incredibly reduced understeer. I'm talking your car can handle like it's on rails. You could actually pull pretty good times on autocross.

- Oversteer! For drifting, of course. :D

- Highway stability. Seems to hold its line so much better than it did with the factory size.

- Can rotate tyres (provided you have four equal size wheels). I have staggered wheels, but equal tyres.

- Price. I've found it so much cheaper to ditch the irregular factory sizes.

- Looks. IMO, I love how wide tyres on a smart stick out like a little racecar.

- Rougher ride if you go for 195/50/15. As some folks like myself, chumly, and others found out, the smaller profile you go, the bumpier things get. It's not too bad, but definitely worse than stock.

- Snow traction. It seems to me that staggered smarts handle snow better than equal size on all four. Your mileage will vary as snow traction is a HUGE gray area with too many variables to draw a single conclusion from.

- More weighty low speed steering on cars with manual steering. Ignore this if you have power steering, but if you have manual steering like I do, your wheel will get a bit more hefty. I see it as a pro, I like my steering to be heavy. Though some don't like that...
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