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Still not great gas mileage...........

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But you know what? I do not care...I have yet to get anywhere near 200 miles to a full tank...max mileage is about 175....I love this car so much that it makes no difference to me. I only buy premium fuel and will continue to do that.

I am a loyal Smart Car owner!!!!!!!!!!
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Maybe see if I can explain that better...when you rev any other car it revs and then when you take your foot off the pedal it stops revving immediately ...when I step on the gas in park it revs and when I take my foot off the pedal it still revs and slowly idles down. Do all smart cars do that?
No absolutely not.. Heave you tried a throttle body reset yet?
And what is that?
See other threads on how to do it, use the search community box above. It's a reset procedure that has worked for me, when I had my 08 451. It's also common to many cars, not just smarts, do a google search too. Some insist it's fake and doesn't work, but I had good results, so I am a believer in the procedure, and it doesn't hurt to try it.
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