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Strategy and future of smart - What will the new smart SUV look like?

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2020 smart became the world's first conventional manufacturer to convert to an electric car brand. The brand had already discontinued the diesel at the end of 2014 and now also the gas engine. This means that smart is now on par with Tesla.
As we fans have already noticed, the change takes it's time, there is no immediate success. But the joint venture with Geely should change that soon.

It took Tesla many years before they had any success to show off. At smart things should go a little faster, but it is now important that the community sticks together and supports the brand:
The first thing to come is a new model, the media are talking about an SUV, but continue to promise it's going to be in the B segment. What's the new strategy? Why won't it be an actual SUV? That's what I want to go into in this article.

Topics in this article:
And yes: Personally, I can see a future where smart could come back to America.
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Thanks to the tip of an EQpassion reader, we now roughly know how long the current fortwo should be build:
Le Républicain Lorrain writes in a French article from the 14. January 2021 that the plant in Hambach will continue the fortwo till 2024.
So we can assume that the upcoming "smartSUV" will not replace the fortwo 2022, but will expand the model range of smart.
2024 also seems right as that's how long smart usually sells a model after they gave it a facelift.
Based on "reports from China", Autocar roumors, that the new smartSUV from the Daimler AG / Geely Global joint venture will have the following basic information:
• Rear wheel drive
• Motor with up to 268 bhp
• Battery with less than 70 kWh
• Over 500 km (Chinese NEDC standard range)

Finally, the highly speculative article reiterates that Daimler is responsible for the design and Geely is responsible for the development and production.
It's also confirmed what EQpassion readers are already familiar with: The smart SUV will be sold parallel to the smartEQfortwo and smartEQforfour. It won't replace them, instead expand the product range.

The flagship of the article is the picture you see below. This is a fan image of "Autocar". It is a mixture of the smart vision EQ fortwo and the smart forease study.

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True, he's speaking of multiple models. At least two.. ;)
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